Springbok Hit Parade: 1965 - 1971

No 1 Hit Records: SA Pressings


ep cover Rick Nelson: I Need You
It's Up To You/ I Need You/ If You Can't Rock Me/ Old Enough To Love
Release info:

Renown NEP 880, Extended Play Single

  • Seven Single: I need you/ It's up to you, Imperial IRS 34

    seven single Connie Francis: Forget Domani

    Side A:Forget Domani

    Side B: No Better Off
    Release info:
    45-MGM 19233

    Elvis Presley: Do the clam
    Spring Fever/ Fort Lauderdale Chamber Of Commerce/ Startin' Tonight/ Wolf Call/ Do Not Disturb/ Cross My Heart And Hope To Die/ The Meanest Girl In Town/ Do The Clam/ Puppet On a String/ I've Got To Find My Baby/ You'll Be Gone
    Release info:
    Girl Happy, RCA Victor 31, 963

  • Seven Single: Do the clam/ You'll be gone, RCA Victor 41.775

    album The Rolling Stones:
    Under The Boardwalk
    Around And Around/ Confession' The Blues/ Empty Heart/ Time Is On My Side/ Good Times, Bad Times/ It's All Over Now/ 2120 South Michigan Avenue/ Under The Boardwalk/ Congradulations/ Grown Up Wrong/ If You Need Me/ Susie Q
    Release info:
    12x5, Decca LK 4438

  • Seven Single: Under the boardwalk/ Time is on my side, Decca FM 7-7136

  • Extended Play Single: "The Rolling Stones", Decca DFE 7168

    ep cover

    Tracks: Last time/ Play with fire/ Under the boardwalk/ Little red rooster

    * The Rolling Stones had two hits in the charts on 2 July 1965. Under the boardwalk was at #1 and The last time at #13

  • Seven Single: The last time/ Play with fire, Decca FM 7-7134

    album Herman's Hermits:
    Mrs Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter
    Heartbeat/ Travelin' Light/ I'll Never Dance Again/ Walkin' With My Angel/ Dream On/ I Wonder/ For Your Love/ Don't Try To Hurt Me/ Tell Me Baby/ I'm Henery The Eighth I Am/ The End Of The World/ Mrs Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter
    Release info:
    Herman's Hermits, Columbia, 33JSX 1727

  • Seven Single: Mrs Brown you have a lovely daughter/ Show me girl, Columbia 45-DSA 586

  • Extended Play Single: Mrs Brown you've got a lovely daughter, Columbia SEGJ 8440

    ep cover

    Tracks: Mrs Brown you've got a lovely daughter/ I know why/ Show me girl/ Your hand in mine

    * Herman's Hermits had two hits in the charts on 2 July 1965. Mrs Brown was at #2 and Wonderful world at # 17

  • Extended Play Single: "Herman's Hermits' Hits", Columbia SEGJ 8442

    ep cover

    Tracks: Silhouettes/ Wonderful world/ Can't you hear my heartbeat/ I'm into something good

  • Seven Single: Wonderful world/ Dream on, Columbia DSA 45-XXX

    album Tom Jones: It's Not Unusual
    I've Got A Heart/ It Takes A Worried Man/ Skye Boat Song/ Once Upon A Time/ Memphis Tennesee/ Whatcha' Gonna Do/ I need Your Loving/ It's Not Unusual/ Autumn Leaves/ The Rose/ If You Need Me/ Some Other Guy/ Endlessly/ It's Just A Matter/ Spanish Harlem/ When The World Was Beautiful
    Release info:
    Along Came Jones, Decca LK 4693

  • Seven Single: It's not unusual/To wait for love, Decca FM 7-7127

    * Tom Jones had two hits in the charts on Friday 2 July 1965. Little lonely one on the Columbia label was at # 16 and It's not unusual on the Decca label was at #7

  • Extended Play Single: "Tom Jones", Columbia SEGJ 8464

    ep cover

    Tracks: Lonely Joe/ I was a fool/ Little lonely one/ That's what we'll do

  • Seven Single: Little lonely one/ That's what we'll do, Columbia 45-DSA 587

    album The Seekers:
    A World Of Our Own
    A World Of Our Own/ Don't Think Twice, It's All Right/ The Leaving Of Liverpool/ This Land Is Your Land/ Two Summers/ The Times They Are A'Changin'/ Just A Closer Walk With Thee/ Don't Tell Me My Mind/ Allentown Jail/ Four Strong Winds/ You Can Tell The World/ Whisteling Rufus
    Release info:
    A world of our own: Columbia 33JSX 1722

  • Seven Single: A world of our own/ Sinner man, Columbia 45-DSA 582

  • Extended Play Single: "The Seekers", Columbia SEGJ 6424

    ep cover

    Tracks: A world of our own/ Sinner man/ I'll never find another you/ Open up them pearly gates

    album Elvis Presley:
    Crying In The Chapel
    How Great Thou Art/ In The Garden/ Somebody Bigger Than You And I/ Farther Along/ Stand By Me/ Without Him/ So High/ Where Could I Go But To The Lord/ By And By/ If The Lord Wasn't Walking By My Side/ Run On/ Where No One Stands Alone/ Crying In The Chapel
    Release info:
    How great thou art, RCA RCAL 6021, 1985

  • Seven Single: Crying in the chapel/ I believe in the man in the sky, RCA Victor 41.788

    album The Byrds:
    Mr Tambourine Man
    Mr Tambourine Man/ I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better/ Spanish Harlem Incident/ You Won't Have To Cry/ Here Without You/ The Bell Of Rhymney/ All I Really Want To Do/ I Knew I'd Want You/ It's No Use/ Don't Doubt Yourself, Babe/ Chimes Of Freedom/ We'll Meet Again
    Release info:
    Mr Tambourine man, CBS ALD 6831

  • Seven Single: Mr Tambourine man/ I knew I'd want you, CBS SSC.580

    album The Beatles: Help
    Help!/ The Night Before/ You've Got To Hide Your Love Away/ I Need You/ Another Girl/ You're Going To Lose That Girl/ Ticket To Ride/ Act Naturally/ It's Only Love/ You Like Me Too Much/ Tell Me What You See/ I've Just Seen A Face/ Yesterday/ Dizzy Miss Lizzy
    Release info:
    Help, Parlophone PMCJ 1255

  • Seven Single: Help/ I'm down, Parlophone 45-SPD 363

    Album Murray Campbell:
    Goodbye My Love
    Goodbye my love/ The sound of music/ Stranger on the shore/ Blue velvet/ The key/ Walk away/ Spanish Harlem/ Red roses for a blue lady/ The joker/ Make up your mind/ Ramblin' rose/ Swinging safari
    Release info:
    Goodbye My Love: RCA Victor 32,035

  • Seven Single: Goodbye my love/ The key, RCA Victor 41.806

    album The Rolling Stones: Satisfaction
    Mercy Mercy/ Hitch Hike/ The Last Time/ That's How Strong My Love Is/ Good Times/ I'm All Right/ Satisfaction/ Cry To Me/ The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man/ Play With Fire/ The Spider And The Fly/ One More Try
    Release info:
    Out Of Our Heads, Decca LK 4125

  • Seven Single: Satisfaction/ The under assistant west coast promotion man, Decca FM 7-7166

    album Tom Jones:
    What's New Pussycat?
    What's New Pussycat?/ Some Other Guy/ I've Got A Heart/ Little By Little/ Won't You Give Him (one more change)/ Bama Lama Bama Loo/ With These Hands/ Untrue Unfaithful/ To Wait For Love/ And I Tell The Sea/ The Rose
    Release info:
    What's New Pussycat?, Decca LK 4445

  • Seven Single: What's new pussycat?/ The rose, Decca FM 7-7171

    picture sleeve single

    album The Beach Boys:
    California Girls
    The Girl From New York City/ Amusement Parks USA/ Then I Kissed Her/ Salt Lake City/ Girl Don't Tell Me/ Help Me Rhonda/ California Girls/ Let Him Run Wild/ You're So Good To Me/ Summer Means New Love/ I'm Bugged At My Ol'Man/ And Your Dreams Come True
    Release info:
    Summer Days, Capitol T 2354

  • Seven Single: California girls/ Let him run wild, Capitol 45-JCL 267


    Tertius Louw, November 2004