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Paul Janisch's Top 10
  1. Turn on you - Matthew van der Want
  2. Foxey - Baxtop
  3. Back Room - Tim Parr
  4. Ballad for Nina - Ella Mental (This is from a live recording that only Neil Johnson has a copy of - I have been begging for years and he still hasn't given it to me)
  5. Going Straight - Flash Harry
  6. Marie Ferrari - Bernoldus Niemand
  7. Brand New Love - Rabbitt
  8. Feeling the spaces (I think this is the title) - Asylum Kids
  9. It wasn't you it was the wind - Petit Cheval
  10. Where is the music - Karu
I would be willing to write long essays about each track.And I am sending this to you now because I know I will change it for the rest of the day.
-- Paul Janisch, April 1999

Why not send me a list of your Top 10 or 20 or 50 or whatever, and I'll put it up.

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