Robin Auld
The Best Of Volume 1

Robin Auld


  1. Perfect day
  2. Heavy water
  3. All of woman
  4. Comfort of strangers
  5. All the girls cried
  6. Zen surfing in the 3rd world
  7. Leon
  8. Charlene
  9. Sesheke town
  10. After the fire
  11. The promise
  12. Love kills
  13. Charly go crazy
  14. Baby you been good
  15. Gentry
  16. I felt you
  17. Southern cross

Mastered by Murray Anderson at Milestone Studios, Cape Town


  • Robin Auld: vocals, guitar

Release information:

1999, TicTicBang, BANGCD888


All info taken from the official Robin Auld website

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