Danny Rivers and the Savages


The Contractual Cacophony Of Rock Music

  • Recommended Literature

    Starmakers and Svengalis, Johnny Rogan, Futura Publications, London, 1989


    Expensive Habits, Simon Garfield, Faber and Faber, London, 1986



    Both books contain horrible stories about the financial exploitation of artists and their strugglesto retain ownership of their compositions. The scene in South Africa was no different from abroadand local artists also discovered that written contracts were not always a legal guarantee for financial reward.

    Danny Rivers experienced similar problems. Despite a written contact, he never received any royalties for his composition "Restless Heart", recorded by Charles Jacobie in 1967.

  • Contract With Publishing Company, Admore Beechwood, For Composition "Restless Heart"

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  • Charles Jacobie Album


    Track: Restless Heart (Composed by Danny Rivers)


  • Danny Rivers and the Savages

    Tertius Louw, December 2001.

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