Pink Floyd

The 8 Track Version

Cover for imaginary CD re-issue by Brian Currin

  1. Pigs On The Wing
  2. Dogs (part 1)
  3. Dogs (conclusion)
  4. Pigs (3 Different Ones)
  5. Sheep

The 8-track version of 'Animals' released in 1977 by Columbia with catalogue number JCA34474 has some differences to the normal release. On the 8-track system tracks were arranged in 4 segments of roughly the same length and sequenced to play in a continous loop. 'Pigs On The Wing' features a guitar solo from Snowy White which links parts 1 & 2. 'Dogs' on the original 8-track was split into 2 sections and titled 'Dogs (part 1)' and 'Dogs (continued)'.


Pink Floyd

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