No Sweat
aka Lank Sweat!

No SweatLank Sweat


  1. Shape Of Her Body Listen
  2. This Boy Listen
  3. Louis
  4. Tonite
  5. Defence Mechanisms
  6. 200 Watts
  7. Doing To Somebody
  8. U.B. Johnny
  9. The Ballade
  10. Sleep Like A Child Listen

    Bonus tracks on 2002 CD re-issue:
  11. Rainy Day
  12. Just An Emotion Listen
  13. All I Need
  14. Down In Africa
  15. Good Fun
  16. Young Pain
  17. Nobody Else

Produced by Kevin Shirley


  • Wendy Oldfield: vocals
  • John Mair: guitar, keyboards (died 11th December 2002)
  • Dieter Stutz: bass
  • Lesley Cook: drums

Release information:

Album: 1986, PVB, PVBL 1001 (cassette: PVBZ 1001)
CD: December 2002, RetroFresh, freshcd130 (renamed as 'Lank Sweat!')

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Cassette info supplied by Nick Beck, January 2001. CD supplied by Benjy Mudie from RetroFresh.

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