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  1. Giving It Up (JB Arthur) [4.12]
  2. Bowtie Boogaloo (JB Arthur) [4.10]
  3. Don't You Think That We Had It Right (Arthur/Butow/Faure) [3.46]
  4. Come On And Do It (JB Arthur) [4.39]
  5. Share My Life (Samson/Rose) [5.37]
  6. One More Night (JB Arthur) [4.05]
  7. Good Friends (Samson/Rose) [3.00]
  8. Don't Leave Me Halfway (Butow) [4.09]
  9. Legs (Samson) [3.34]
  10. It Doesn't Show (J Galanakis) [6.13]


  • JB Arthur: Vocals, guitar
  • Jethro Butow: Guitars, vocals
  • Les Goode: Bass
  • Cedric Samson: Vocals, drums, percussion
  • John Galanakis: Keyboards, Sythesizers, vocals

  • Mike Faure: Sax

    Produced by Emil Zoghby.
    All tracks recorded at Villa Recorders, Modesto, California, USA.
    Engineer: Greg Sesser.
    Tracks 1, 2, 3, 8 & 9 remixedat Satbel Studios, Johannesburg.
    Remix engineer: Peter Thwaites

Release information:

1981, Trutone, marketed by Polydor, POLY 5522


Funky and polished, Morocko is a great album by a very tight and talented band.Influences include Steely Dan, Toto, Prince, Earth, Wind & Fire, etc. If you like your rock funky,or your funk hard, then this is for you.

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