The Meteors

Billy, Art, Glen, Andy



  • The Meteors In Orbit, RAVE RMG 1177


    Tracks: Meadowlands/ Mexican hat dance/ Going steady/ Down under/ Drummer's dream/ perfidia/ Just this once/ Tsotsi/ The wanted/ The stranger/ On the street where you live/ You don't care any more

  • Step Out With The Meteors, RAVE 1193


    Tracks: Step out/ Out of my mind/ Meteor riot/ High class baby/ Janine/ Strange to tell/ Roll over Beethoven/ Just seventeen/ Sweet Barbara Hannah/ Do you love me/ Nita/ Do you want to know a secret/ Intrigue/ Boys

  • On Stage With The Meteors, RAVE 1203


    Tracks: Trufine mama/ Poison ivy/ Ono oh L'eta/ Reeling and rocking/ Someone someone/ I'm talking about you/ Why not tonight/ Money/ Tell me/ Be my baby/ It's all right

  • Big Beat Session, Renown NLP 250


    Tracks: Roll over Beethoven/ Just Seventeen

    Seven Singles

  • 16 Candles/ Twistin' CONTINENTAL, PD.7-8585, 1962
  • Meadowlands/ Afrikaan beat RAVE 45R 209, 1962
  • Dream lover/ Boom bang RAVE 45R 214, 1963 *
  • Angel/Oh baby please RAVE 45R 215, 1963 *
  • Just seventeen/Out of my mind RAVE 45R 235, 1963
  • Roll over beethoven/Boys RAVE 45R 238, 1964
  • Tsotsi [matrix no 13589]/ Unknown, RAVE, 1964
  • Glad all over/Kissin' time RAVE 45R 240, 1964

    picture sleeve

  • Forgetting her/ You can't love me RAVE R 243, 1964
  • Poison ivy/I wanna tell RAVE R 250, 1964
  • Non oh l'eta/True fine mama RAVE R 255, 1964

    Extended Play Singles

  • EP: Meadowlands RAVE REP 48

    ep single

    Tracks: Meadowlands/You Don't Care Anymore/Tsotsi/Just This Once

  • EP: Just Seventeen RAVE REP 51

    ep single

    Just Seventeen/Roll Over Beethoven/Out Of My Mind/Boys


  • Forgetting her tk2
  • You're for me tk1
  • Roll over Beethoven [backing track]
  • Roll over Beethoven
  • Boys [backing track]
  • You can't lave me tk 1
  • You can't love me tk 3
  • Twistin' tk 1
  • Twistin' tk 2
  • 16 Candles tk 1
  • Mack the knife
  • On the street where you live
  • I wonder who's kissing her now
  • I'll wait tk 1
  • I'll wait tk2
  • Out of my mind [undubbed backing track]
  • Just seventeen [undubbed backing track]
  • Now you're gone
  • Let's twist again


    We have the masters of ABC 21805/6. The date of the session was 17 May 1962. There are also three unissued instrumentals: Mack The Knife, On The Street Where You Live, I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now plus an unissued vocal, I'll Wait, plus two unissued takes of Twistin' and one unissued take of 16 Candles.

    We have masters for RMG 1177,1193,1203.

    We have a reel marked 13222/25. 13222, Meadowlands, has been cut out and was probably spliced into RMG 1177. 13223 is Afrikaan Beat issued on R209, 13224 is a vocal which may be titled Now You're Gone, 13225 is a vocal which may be titled Let's Twist Again (this is not the Chubby Checker song) or possibly Round And Round. I wonder if 13224/5 were ever issued? This obviously constituted the band's first session for Trutone - the success of R209 then paved the way for further recordings.

    We have a reel for 13336/9. This was probably the band's second Trutone session and probably preceeded a third session where the RMG 1177 tracks were recorded (except, of course, for Meadowlands). Incidentally, the RMG 1177 box shows that Tsotsi was issued on a single with mx number 13589. I wonder what was on the other side?

    We don't have a reel for Just Seventeen/Out Of My Mind but that's probably because both tracks were spliced into the reel for RMG 1193. The fact that 13802 isn't noted on the LP box probably indicates that this was a session that took place before most of the tracks for the second LP were recorded.

    We have the reel for 13893/4 but both of the issued titles are missing and again were presumably spliced into RMG 1193. Whats left on the reel are the instrumental backings for Boys and Roll Over Beethoven plus one unissued take of the latter. Again, I assume this session took place before most of the rest of the tracks were put down for the second LP.

    Forgetting Her on R243 (noted as Forgetting You on the box) is mx13989 on reel 13985/90. On the same reel is 14053 (not 14025) and that is You Can't Love Me which was the other side of R243. So this leaves 13990, You're For Me, untraced as to an issue number (or possibly, it was never issued.)

    We have 13987/8, Glad All Over/Kissin' Time. I couldn't find mx14151/2. Also, we don't seem to have reels for REP 48 &51 but as all of those titles are covered on RMG 1177 & 1193, its quite possible that the EP acetates were just cut directly from the LP masters.

    Source: Rob Allingham - Gallo Archive Manager


  • Art Fisher lead guitar and vocals
  • Billy Muller drums
  • Glen Muller bass guitar
  • Andy van der Merwe rhythm guitar
  • Archie Coker vocalist, 1st album and singles [*]
  • Roger Rubens vocalist on 1st single

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