LM Radio Hit Parade : 1968 - 1970

Top Twenty Hit Singles: South African Pressings

(& original albums featuring the hit singles)

LM Charts - 23 June 1968

(#20) Bottle Of Wine : The Fireballs

Seven Single: Bottle of wine/ Ain't That Rain, Stateside JSS 1165

Album: Bottle Of Wine, Stateside SJSL ???


(#19) Lady Madonna : The Beatles

Seven Single: Lady Madonna/ The Inner Light, SPD 456

picture sleeve

(#18) Jennifer Juniper : Donovan

Seven Single: Jennifer Juniper/ Poor Cow, CBS SSC ???

Album: The Hurdy Gurdy Man, CBS ASF 1320


(#17) Delilah : Tom Jones

Seven Single: Delilah/ Smile, Decca FM 7387

picture sleeve

Album: Delilah, Decca SKL 4471


(#16) Lazy Sunday : The Small Faces

Seven Single: Lazy Sunday/ Rollin' Over, Immediate IMJ 064

(#15) Congratulations : Cliff Richard

Seven Single: Congratulations/ High 'n Dry, Columbia DSA 791

Album: Something Old - Something New, Columbia JSX 118


(#14) Lazy Life : Quentin E Klopjaeger

Seven Single: Lazy Life/ The Long Way Home, Troubadour TRS-E-9093

picture sleeve

Album: Sad Simon Lives Again, Troubadour TRL-E-1319


(#13) White Horses : Jacky

Seven Single: White Horses/ Too Many Chiefs (Not Enough Indians), Philips SSP 996

(#12) The Good The Bad And The Ugly : Hugo Montenegro

Seven Single: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly/ March With Hope, RCA Victor 42.034

Album: Music From ... The Good, The Bad And The Ugly, RCA Victor 37-007


(#11) Little Girl : The Troggs

Seven Single: Little Girl/ Maybe The Madman?, Fontana TF 821

picture sleeve

(#10) Captain Of Your Ship : Reparata And The Delrons

Seven Single: Captain Of Your Ship/ Toom Toom (Is A Little Boy), Stateside JSS 1172

(#9) Dock Of The Bay : Otis Redding

Seven Single: (Sittin' on) The dock of the bay/ Sweet Lorene, Atlantic ATT 396

Album: The Dock Of The Bay, Atlantic ATL 1035 (re-issue)


(#8) Something Here In My Heart : The Paper Dolls

Seven Single: Something Here In My Heart/ All The Time In The World, Pye PY 179

Album: Paper Dolls House, Pye PYC 2146


(#7) Cry Like A Baby : The Box Tops

Seven Single: Soul Deep/ (The) Happy Song, Stateside JSS 1234

Album: Soul Deep, Stateside SJSL 130


(#6) Simon Says : The 1910 Fruitgum Co

Seven Single: Simon Says/ Reflections From The Looking Glass, Kama Sutra KSS 13

Album: Simon Says, Kama Sutra KSL 506


(#5) Jennifer Eccles : The Hollies

Seven Single: Jennifer Eccles/ Open Up Your Eyes, Parlophone SPD ???

(#4) If I Only Had Time : John Rowles

Seven Single: If I Only Had Time/ Hush...Not A Word To Mary, MCA PD 9820

Album: "John Rowles", MCA SMCA 526

b&w image of original album cover

(#3) What A Wonderful World : Louis Armstrong

Seven Single:What A Wonderful World/ Cabaret, ABC-Paramount ABS 39

Album: What A Wonderful World, ABC Records ABL 94

b&w image of original album cover

(#2) Honey : Peter Lotis

Seven Single: Honey/ Mysterious People, Continental PD 9331

picture sleeve

Album: Honey, Continental GALP 1571


(#1) A Man Without Love : Engelbert Humperdinck

Seven Single: A Man Without Love/ Call on me, Decca FM 7401

picture sleeve

Album: A Man Without Love, Decca LK/ SLK 4939


Tertius Louw, April 2005

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