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Just Jinger's Sugar Man

CapeTimes, 18th March 1998

Just Jinger's bite at the Big Apple
(extracts from a newspaper article by Colin Nowell)

The new EP (SomethingFor Now) includes their lively version of Rodriguez's Sugar Man,which went down very well at Green Point (the U2 concert). Therein lies an story and perhapsa huge irony.

It goes like this: "Whenwe recorded the song we honestly thought Rodriguez was dead," saysMatthews. "I mean, no one had heard of him in 15 years. Then the minutewe leave for the States, he pitches up in SA and we miss him. This guyis one of my inspirations -- I still can't believe it."

So a young Joburg band recorda song written 20 years ago (actually almost 30!)by a Detroit singer Americans have never heard of. Hmm -- Imagine if it'snow a hit for them in the US all these years later. A lot of locals willbe saying "I told you so."

Brian's note: Rodriguez name-checkedJust Jinger during the thank-you's at the end of the 1998 SA concerts.

Listen to a short excerpthere.

Photo by Johannvan Tonder

Beatspeak, 21st March 1998

Spice Boys
(extracts from an article by Sugar,
see beatspeak archivefor original report)

The biggest South Africanband of the moment (sales-wise), Just Jinger, grabbed the prestigious supportslot at the U2 concert and contributed a controlled, competent and shortset. Their stage announcements were humble and grateful and they playeda timeous and appropriate cover version of the (bet you thought you'd heardthe last of him for a while) Rodriguez classic "Sugar Man", whichprompted the first massed singalong of the evening. Just Jinger actuallynamechecked Rodriguez as one of their major influences on the sleevenotesof their best selling 1997 debut album "All Comes Round". Whenthey heard that Rodriguez was not only alive but preparing to tour SA,they began including it in their live sets. At one point, Rodriguez hadexpressed an interest in Just Jinger playing the support slot on his tourbut as fate would have it the tour coincided with Just Jinger's promotionalsortie to the USA and Canada. The purpose of this trip was to convincethe American music powers that be to give them the shot at the Americanmarket they feel they deserve.

The Jingers are releasingtheir new EP (Extended Play) "Something For Now" thisweek and it includes their version of "Sugar Man", so, we havethe not impossible situation whereby they could bring the music of Rodriguezto the attention of the North American listening public. Coupled with theextraordinary success of the SA tour and the global attention this eventhas received via the Internet, Rodriguez's career may soon receive thebelated acclaim it always deserved.

Epic, August 1998

The State Of The Nation Concert, 16th June 1998
(an extract from a magazine review)

The Art Of Rodriguez

...and Just Jinger amply live upto crowd expectations and even having the original sugarman Rodriguez wobbleonto stage for a bit of a photo opportunity (and a hand-shake), seemeda nice touch to all gathered before them.

Sugarmen (The Art Of Rodriguez)
Photo: Adam Beinash

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