John Ireland

John Ireland


  1. I like...
  2. I still hear you breathe
  3. Oh Prisoner
  4. Champs Elysees
  5. Arpeggio for Synthesizer
  6. Movie theme (Diana)
  7. Kiss my Eyes
  8. Ladies for the Eighties
  9. Whirly Birdies in the Third World
  10. Diana's Theme

All songs written, composed, arranged and produced by John Ireland (real name: John Griffith)


  • John Ireland: All voices and instruments

Release information:

1982, Transistor Records, CBK(L) 7006 (Cassette L4 CBK(N) 7006)


Opening with his hit single "I Like..." John Ireland's 1982 album is jam packed with piano/synthesizer ballads. While some of the synth sounds are a bit dated, this does not detract from the album which features some lush orchestral sounds. Two tracks ('Movie Theme (Diana)' and 'Diana's theme') are possibly directed at Princess Diana as the album was released the year after her marriage to Prince Charles. These songs now seem quite ironic in light of her death, especially where John sings abouts girls wanting to be her. The album does well to hold it's own and not become a hit single surrounded by 9 b-sides as a lot of 80's albums tended to do.
-- John Samson, May 2000

'I Like...' can be found on CD on:

Best Of South African Pop 3
Best Of South African Pop 3

SA Party
SA Party


All info supplied by John Samson, April 2000.

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