There's A Light There's A Way

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  1. Turn On The Sun
  2. Ocean Of Peace
  3. Astral III
  4. Second Coming
  5. I Need You
  6. There's A Light There's A Way
  7. Astral II including excerpts from 'You Really Got Me' (The Kinks) and 'I Want To Take You Higher' (Sly & The Family Stone)
  8. You Can't Always Get What You Want


  • Joey Moses: lead guitar, vocals
  • Errol Gobey: rhythm guitar, vocals
  • Johnny Burke: bass
  • Dave Burke: drums
  • Spewy Pillay: organ

Release information:

1970, MvN, unreleased on CD


The Invaders

Astral Daze 'Astral III' is available on a Retrofresh compilation titled 'Astral Daze - Psychedelic South African Rock 1968-1972'. This CD features 18 classic, rare and obscure tracks (16 of which have never previously been released on official CDs before). This CD was compiled by Benjy Mudie and Brian Currin with major input from SA rock collector Tertius Louw.

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