The Helicopters

1980s pop/rock band




  • Mysteries & Jealousies Listen (1984) WEA
  • Don't Wanna Live in Hollywood (1986) WEA
  • Whisper Your Secret (1987) Tusk/Gallo
  • What Affair EP (1988) Gallo BL 652


  • Love Attack (1985) WEA
  • In The Flesh (1987) Tusk/Gallo
  • The Best Of The Helicopters (October 2002) RetroFresh

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I was listening to 'Mysteries and Jealousies' a while back and I was stuck with the fact that here was a perfectly excellent tune, you can dance to it, the melody sticks in my head, I give it a 10 as they used to say on Dick Clark's American Bandstand show about a song's dance-ability, it is perfectly in keeping with the radio style of its day, and yet it was not picked up for UK or USA release. I felt the frustration in small degree SA musicians must feel, to work so hard and create something so perfectly hit-worthy, and to succeed with it in one's own country, but not far beyond.
-- Kurt Shoemaker, Texas, January 2000


Bernard Binns

Info supplied by Bernard Binns, November 1999

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