Falling Mirror
The Storming Of The Loft

Storming Of The Loft


  1. Highway Blues
  2. Storming of the Loft
  3. Neutron Bop
  4. Who's that noisy boy who never says a word
  5. I wish I was a purple door
  6. We build a big fire
  7. If I was James Dean
  8. Toyland
  9. You think you're so great
  10. Why the envy Miss Glitter?

All tracks composed by Allan Faull/Nielen Mirror.
Produced by Tully McCully.
Recorded at Spaced-Out Sound Studios, Cape Town during 1979/80


  • Nielen Mirror: Vocals
  • Allan Faull: Guitars, keyboards, vocals

  • Tully McCully: Bass, keyboards, drums, backing vocals
  • Pat Humphreys: Drums, percussion (on a few tracks)

Release information:

LP: 1980, WEA, WBC 9013
CD: August 2002, Retrofresh, freshcd124 (2 for 1 re-issue with Zen Boulders)

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Released in 1980 by WEA Records, catalogue number WBC 9013, recorded in 1979/80, as usual produced by Tully McCully... features Nielen Mirror and Allan Faull but not Pat Humphries (although Tully seems to think that he may have guested on a couple of the earliest recorded tracks but then again.....). We released several singles from the album notably 'Neutron Bop', 'Highway Blues' and 'If I was James Dean' which also was released by WEA Europe as a single. There was a video of 'Neutron Bop' filmed on the roof garden of the original Spaced Out studios with Nielen in a gold spacesuit! I have a copy somewhere.

I seem to recall Nielen telling me that the title track was about a real time incident that he was involved with i.e a girl, an angry father, a siege of some sorts (although with Nielen you just never knew!). By and large pop radio (read Radio 5) of the day ignored the album bar a few scattered plays of 'Neutron Bop', the newly launched Radio 702 played quite a few tracks over a period of time but didn't have the power to break the band. Sadly the album went the way of 'Zen Boulders' in that it was lauded by the "alternative" press but totally ignored by mass media. This has been the trend all along on this band, they were so far ahead of their time (being a bit mal helped as well!). But as you know I perservered with more albums....
-- Benjy Mudie, September 1999
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