Falling Mirror
Hammerhead Hotel
Psychos Welcome

Imaginary album cover

Imaginary album cover by Brian Currin, June 2000


  1. Then It Turns Around
  2. Hammerhead Hotel
  3. Sandy
  4. Naughty Girl
  5. Complicatedly Simple Little Girl
  6. When Prophets Cry
  7. Alien (aka Crime Wave)
  8. Forgive Me
Session tracks
  • Roses And Balloons
  • Camera Eyes
  • Video Games


  • Nielen Mirror: vocals
  • Allan Faull: guitars
  • Tully McCully: bass, drums, keyboards

Release information:

This album was recorded in November 1996, but has never been released on CD. On the 10th anniversary of its recording, Tully McCully remixed the master tapes and made this album exclusively available as MP3 downloads at Rhythm Records Online Music Store.


This album rocks, shocks and blows you away. Its blues-y like GaryMoore, epic like Pink Floyd, tuneful like R.E.M., quirky like SydBarrett and much harder than previous Mirror albums.

I got goose-pimples listening to Allan Faull's soaring guitar work and Nielen Mirror's incredible vocals and biting lyrics. Tully McCully played both bass and drums on this album and he provides a solid base for Allan to leap from. And leap he does... straight into unchartered territories.

If you like Dave Gilmour, Deep Purple, Oasis, Hendrix, BB King, Derek-era Clapton... then this is an album you gotta hear. It has never been released on CD, however it is available as MP3 downloads at Rhythm Online Music Store.

-- Brian Currin, November 2006


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