Falling Mirror
Fantasy Kid

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  1. Nicholas Nickleby [2.30]
  2. Crippled Messiah [3.30]
  3. Theme Of A Dream [3.15]
  4. Revolver Wolf [3.31]
  5. The Party [3.32]
  6. We're All Lost In This Universe [5.04]
  7. Fantasy Kid [3.02]
  8. Ballad Of A Failure [3.20]
  9. Houses One To Five [2.52]
  10. You Lost Your Way On A Dreamy Day [4.37]

All tracks composed by Allan Faull/Nielen Mirror.
Produced by Tully McCully.
Recorded at Spaced-Out Sound Studios, Cape Town between dusk and dawn, 1981.


  • Nielen Mirror: Vocals
  • Allan Faull: Guitars, keyboards, vocals
  • Tully McCully: Bass, keyboards, drums, backing vocals

Release information:

1981, WEA, WBC 9021

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There was a long gap between 'Fantasy Kid' (1981) and 'Johnny....' (1985). This wasbecause the band basically split due to major problems between Allan andNielen. Also Tully had enough of the madness so the Mirror went to sleep for fouryears.
-- Benjy Mudie, September 1999


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