Sam Evans

Sam Evans


  • Singles

    1966 Memories Are Made Of This/ ???
    PYE 105

    1966 Shotgun Wedding/ ???

    1969 Have A Drink On Me/ Bottle Of Wine, ???

    1970 Ain't Love A Funny Thing ( Carter)/ Social Whirl (Evans)Parlophone SPD 3014

    1971Goodbye Girl (Gresham Smith)/ Smile A While (Evans)Parlophone SPD 3026

    1972 La La La (Marsden)/ Smile A While (Evans)
    Nitty Gritty Records NG 107

    1973 Baby, Don't Push Me (Townsnow)/ Social Whirl (Evans)
    Nitty Gritty Records NG 114

    1973 Goodbye Guitar Man (Swart/ Swart)/ Look All Around You (Evans)
    Nitty Gritty Records NG 117

  • Albums

    1970 Ain't Love a Funny Thing


    Side One

    1. Goodbye Girl (Gresham/ Smith)
    2. Montego Bay (Barry/ Bloom)
    3. Heart Of A Child (Green/ Gist)
    4. Cracklin' Rosie (Diamond)
    5. Social Whirl (Evans/ Nichols)
    6. Ain't Love A Funny Thing (Fred Carter Jr)

    Side Two

    1. Smile A While (Evans)
    2. Natural Sinner (Faitweather-Low)
    3. Push Mr Pride Aside (Cox)
    4. Game Of Love (Clint Bollard Jr)
    5. A Whiter Shade Of Pale (Reed/ Brooker)
    6. Baby, Don't Push Me (Townsrow)

    1971 4 Star Line-Up
    NGL 1001 Stereo

    Compilation Album

    Tracks: Goodbye Girl/ Social Whirl/ Ain't Love A Funny Thing/ Smile A While (Sam Evans)

    1972 25 Blockbusters
    EMI Brigadiers BRS(W) 340/1

    Compilation Album

    Track: Ain't Love A Funny Thing (Sam Evans)

    1994 The Best Of South African Pop Volume 2
    GALLO CDGMP 40485

    Best Of SA Pop Volume 2

    Track: Ain't Love A Funny Thing (Sam Evans)

    Sam Evans - a short biography

    Sam, who was born in Glasgow, arrived in South Africa in the winter of 1965. He worked as a buildingcontractor in Vanderbijlpark before moving to Johannesburg. He played rhythm guitar for country-and western singer Charles Jacobie, before joining the G-Men as vocalist. The band finally broke up when the club at which they were playing closed down. (Source: Teenage Personality, 10 April 1969)

    Sam persued a solo career after a brief, but very successful stint with the A-Cads.

    Tertius Louw, September 2001

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