Deep Purple

New Live & Rare - The EPs


An imaginary compilation compiled by Brian Currin, December 2001.

New, Live & Rare (EP) released in 1977 UK#31
1. Black Night (Live) from the Made In Japan Concerts
2. Painted Horse from Who Do We Think We Are! sessions
3. When A Blind Man Cries from Machine Head sessions, B-Side of Never Before

New, Live & Rare Volume 2 (EP) released in 1978 UK#45
4. Burn (Live) edit from Made In Europe
5. Coronarias Redig from Burn sessions, B-Side of Burn and Might Just Take Your Life
6. Mistreated (Live) edit from Made In Europe

New, Live & Rare Volume 3 (EP) released in 1980 UK#48
7. Smoke On The Water (Live) from In Concert 1972
8. Bird Has Flown (BBC 1969)
9. Grabsplatter (BBC 1970)

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