Niki Daly
Living In The Suburbs

Niki Daly


  1. The Housewife's Day
  2. Hyperama
  3. Ya ya ya la la za za
  4. The Weekend
  5. The Typing Pool Madonna
  6. The Othello Syndrome
  7. Ah Ah Ah
  8. The Young Director
  9. Is it an Ism or is it Art?
  10. Anne's Brother in Law, Sam
  11. 0 1 2 9 4
  12. Hot Lady and a Cool Man
  13. Living in the Suburbs

Produced by Niki Daly & Tully McCully

All songs written by Niki Daly


  • Niki Daly - Vocals & Keyboards
  • Tully McCully - Linn Drum
  • Cedric Samson - Drums on 'Ya ya ya la la za za', 'Anne's Brother in Law, Sam' & 'Living in the suburbs'
  • Marloe Scott-Wilson - Backing Vocals & Talking Parts

Release information:

1984, Warner Brothers Records, WBC9027 (Cassette ZWB 9027)

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Info and cover scan supplied by John Samson, April 2000.

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