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Every week we ask an SA music celeb to tell us which are their favourite SA songs. This week we are celebrating 10 years of freedom and democracy in South Africa and so we invited one of South Africa's most adored pop stars to give us his list.

If 'Nkalakatha' is the song that best represents the 10 years of freedom in SA, then 'Burnout' was the foundation. The song was written by Sipho Mabuse in 1985 after he split from Harari, and was the first major crossover hit in South Africa. Black, white, green, and blue all loved the song and it went on to sell over 500 000 units, and continues to sell today.

Sipho still gigs regularly, as well as being the owner of Kippies at the Market Theatre in Johannesburg. So please enjoy the Top SA songs as submitted by of one of South Africa's musical icons.

Sipho submitted 12 songs:

  • 'Pata Pata' - Miriam Makeba
  • 'Ntyilo Ntyilo' - Allan Silinga
  • 'Weeping' - Bright Blue
  • 'NkalaKatha' - Mandoza
  • 'Weekend Special' - Brenda and the Big Dudes
  • 'Substitute' - Clout
  • 'Burn Out' - Sipho Mabuse
  • 'Asimbonanga' - Johnny Clegg
  • 'Scatterlings of Africa' - Johnny Clegg
  • 'Mannenberg' - Abdullah Ibrahim
  • 'Zondela' - Ringo
  • 'Malo-We' - Jabu Khanyile

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