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Robin Auld heads the SA Music Quota Coalition (SAMQC) which is looking to get far more SA songs played on SA radio. He's also one of SA's favourite folk-pop performers with a string of albums and radio hits to his name. Over to Robin:


Here are some of my favourite SA tunes, but I'm afraid I need twenty..... not in any particular order of preference:

  1. Scatterlings Of Africa - Johnny Clegg
  2. Marie Ferrari - Bernoldus Niemand
  3. Shadows - eVoid
  4. Take Me Into Your Heart - Baxtop
  5. One Time - Mathew van der Want
  6. Distant Lover - Louis Mhlanga
  7. 3-Force Blues - James Philips
  8. Sea Level - Urban Creep
  9. Pockets Of My Jeans - Koos Kombuis
  10. Duisend Myl Blues - Valiant Swart
  11. Weeping - Bright Blue
  12. Nada - Tananas
  13. Saving The Scenes - Van der Want/ Letcher
  14. Genie - Springbok Nude Girls
  15. I Call Your Name - Johnny Clegg
  16. Snor City - Bernoldus Niemand
  17. Zen Surfing In The 3rd World - Robin Auld
  18. Johnny Calls The Chemist - Falling Mirror
  19. Hard Hat Jive - Tananas
  20. Supergirl - Springbok Nude Girls


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