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I don't really have a top 10, but have listed some songs in order of merit based on the creativity of the time and the innovative nature of the composer.

You'll notice I've included two McCully Workshop songs, as I think you'll agree, the band was way ahead of our time in terms of songwriting. In fact, when Tully and I went to America in 1980, we realised that had the band gone over there, we could definitely have made it with the right breaks.

Here is my selection:

  • 'Paradise Road' - Joy
  • 'Scatterlings Of Africa' - Juluka
  • 'The Spaniard' - Lesley Rae Dowling
  • 'Tchaikovsky One' - Omega Limited
  • 'Taximan' - éVoid
  • 'African Sky Blue' - Juluka
  • 'Buccaneer' - McCully Workshop
  • 'Weeping' - Bright Blue
  • 'Why Can't it Rain' - McCully Workshop
  • 'Charlie' - Rabbitt

Most people don't realise the difficulties we had in the '70's as bands trying to do our own stuff... the SA record companies just made you do covers ie Clout and Copperfield.


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