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Howzit oakes.

So you want to no what are my Johnny's Top 10 fave rit essay choons is. OK so here goes:

  1. Johnny Calls The Kemist - Faull en Marias (cos I do)
  2. Johnny is nie dood Nie - Koos Kombuis (cos I isn't)
  3. Johnny Cool - A Leagull Gatha Rink (cos I is)
  4. Johnny - A Sigh Lim Kits (cos it's Me)
  5. Johnny & The Mermate - Johnny Congos (cos I like fish)
  6. Johnny's Conshins - Corprill Punishmint (He wasn't in my unit on the border)
  7. Johnny's Gun - Colin Shambles (cos I's got one)
  8. Johnny Raakvat - David Krama ((cos I dig Red Fellskoons)
  9. Jan Skopgraaf - Peet Bow Tie (Cos Jan is mos Afrikaans for Johnny)
  10. Jannie Coke Ain - Ukker Diss (Cos I drink a lot of it)

I also dig that oke Johnny Clegg what was in Jah Luka and Johnny Collini is okay but he sounds too much like them fancy spagetti's what you get there in Little Italy restrant there by the maul. Other than that I can't think of no more Johnny's so hope this is okay.

Johnny from Boksburg

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