Hey SA Rock Digest!

Thanx for thinking of us, & for the opportunity to point out what the B.A.N.D. & I consider to be merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to SA music!

In no particular order...

  • Seether (Saron Gas) - 'Gasoline' (Jo's fave)
  • Wickhead - 'Anthem' (Jo's other fave)
  • Toxic Shame - 'Silent Movie' (yeah, OK, I wrote it - but TS did a stunning job!)
  • Orange - 'Crazy'
  • Cutting Jade - '10 Seconds'
  • eVoid - 'Taxi Man'
  • Tree 63 - 'A Million Lights' (Charl's fave)
  • Wonderboom - 'Jafta Rebel' (Herman's fave)
  • Kelvin Declined - '42' (Martin's fave)
  • BOO! - 'OOO AAA' (Martin's other fave)

Some other bands we admire & would like to mention, if we may:
The Narrow / RhutZ / Belljar / Springbok Nude Girls / Soil 7t7 / D-Day 4Ever / Mandoza / Tait / Counter Culture / 16 Stitch / Karma / Marlowe / Toyland / Old Mol / Evolver / Blow / N8ive / Soulja / Even Flow / Summersalt / Poser / Fruit Fly Navigators / Fuzigish / Cofield... and there are so many more!

Yet there are still some "big knobs" - too blinkered to see what's on their doorstep, and too pedantic to consider that their formats may not be a true reflection of what's happening musically in our wonderful land - who insist that there is not enough quality SA music to warrant upping the local broadcast quotas! (A case for "Ripley's Believe It Or Not", in my opinion.)

If any SA Rock Digest readers agree, we ask that they take 2 minutes of their time to sign up on www.samqc.org.za

SA music kicks MEGA ass! Soon, the world will know...

Many thanx, and ROCK ON!
Jo & the dudes

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