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Hi, It's not easy to limit it to 10, because of course there have been plenty of other great SA songs. However, all of these made an impression on me when I heard them. Some of them because I liked them, and some just because they made me think "Damn, I wish I'd written that!" So here they are, in no particular order:-

  1. Give Me The Good News - Crocodile Harris
  2. Paradise Road - Joy
  3. Weeping - Bright Blue
  4. Celebrate - Julian Laxton Band
  5. How It Feels To Be Alive - André de Villiers
  6. Man On The Moon - Ballyhoo
  7. Jabulani - Hotline
  8. Johnny Calls The Chemist - Falling Mirror
  9. Buccaneer - McCully Workshop
  10. Shabby Little Hut - The Bats

Bobby Louw.

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