Tune Us Your Top 10


[Cue soundbyte of Neil from The Young Ones yelling: "Hey everyone, he's coming through the door!"]


Here we go........

My Top 10 SA songs of all time:

  1. No Friends Of Harry - 'Competition Rules'
  2. The Asylum Kids - 'Schoolboy'
  3. The Dynamics - 'Thugs'
  4. Springbok Nude Girls - 'Bubblegum On My Boots'
  5. Saron Gas/Seether - '69 Tea'
  6. Psycho Reptiles - 'Monster From The Bog'
  7. Radio Rats - 'ZX Dan'
  8. Koos Kombuis - 'Lisa se Klavier'
  9. éVoid - 'Shadows'
  10. Johannes Kerkorrel - 'Hillbrow'

Keep it loud!


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