Tune Us Your Top 10


  1. Falling Mirror - 'Johnny Calls the Chemist'
  2. Kobus! - 'Sondagmiddag'
  3. Valiant Swart - 'Deur die Donker Vallei'
  4. Koos Kombuis - 'Onder in my Whiskyglas'
  5. David Kramer - 'Krisjan Swart'
  6. Jennifer Ferguson - 'Suburban Hum'
  7. Johannes Kerkorrel - 'Halala Afrika'
  8. Karen Zoid - 'Deurmekaar'
  9. Tananas - 'Nada'
  10. Anton Goosen - 'SMS'

There are so many favourite local songs and I know you wanted only ten, but I have to add Just Jinger's 'Shallow Waters' as an encore.

Love and light!
Amanda Strydom xx

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