Crocodile Harris
Give Me The Good News

Give me the Good News


  1. Give Me The Good News (G Coxall/C Harris) (4:55)
  2. Hollywood (T McCully) (3:22)
  3. Standing At The Edge Of The World (T McCully) (4:14)
  4. Melina (C Harris/M Fowler-Brown) (3:17)
  5. Portrait Painters Dream (C Harris) (5:40)
  6. Savage Eyes (G Coxall/C Harris) (4:05)
  7. The Great Seducers (C Harris/M Fowler-Brown) (4:01)
  8. Let's Live For Today (Mogol/D Shapiro/M Julien) (3:24)
  9. Falling Leaves (C Harris) (3:02)
  10. Miss Eva Goodnight (T McCully/M McCully) (2:31)

Produced by Tully McCully
Assistant Engineer: Kevin Shirley


  • Crocodile Harris: Lead Vocals, piano, backing vocals
  • Tully McCully: Guitar, bass, percussion, backing vocals
  • Ian Smith: Brass
  • Roger Dwyer: Brass
  • Allan Faull: Lead guitar on 'Savage Eyes' and 'Miss Eva Goodnight'
  • Henry Barenblatt: Rhodes on 'Falling Leaves'
  • Merton Barrow: String arrangement on 'Give Me The Good News'

Release information:

1983, WEA Records (LP: 24-0212-1, Cassette: 24-0212-4)(German Pressing)

'Give Me The Good News' can be found on CD on:
SA Party - South Africa's Greatest Hits

The single edit of 'Give Me The Good News' was only 3:23 minutes compared to 4:55 for the album version.

'Miss Eva Goodnight' is a re-recording of the 1974 hit single.

Robin Graham made the big time with the timeless hit 'Give Me The GoodNews', reaching number 14 on the local charts, but selling numerous copiesworldwide with particular success in France {650 000 copies sold! - ed}. Itshould come as no surprise then when I say that this is the stand out trackon the album.

Although having said that, 'Miss Eva Goodnight' featuring a certain AllanFaull (of Falling Mirror fame) on guitar certainly vies for the title ofstand out track on the album. This is different to the version on the 'Bestof SA Pop' CD, being harder rocking and faster. This song fared better than'The Good News' in SA as it made number 5 on the charts, perhaps the line'Dictatorship was never honest' made 'Good News' a little bit too much badnews for the apartheid government.

Like these two singles, the rest of the album features that same big production sound and driving piano which is somewhat reminiscent ofMeatloaf. (However I don't think Harris would have fared as well had hecalled himself "Babotie"). The production comes courtesy of Tully McCully,who plays guitar on most tracks and wrote or co-wrote the majority of thetracks, including having a hand in both singles.

Lyrically, a number of the songs cover the issue of marriage andinfidelity. 'Savage Eyes' begins with the line 'The Battle of Marriage hasjust begun' while 'Great Seducers' talks of men having affairs and includesthe line 'Another man's wife is sleeping alone.' With this album, Harrisshows a consciousness of social issues and delivers this in full blown rockstyle with a powerful, passionate voice. Forget Elton, this is the realCrocodile Rock.

--John Samson, May 2002


  • Crocodile Harris

    All info supplied by John Samson, April 2002.

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