Standing Room Only

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  1. Witchin' Lady (M Matthews) (3:40)
  2. Sunbird (M Matthews) (4:20)
  3. Dance With Me (A van Wyk) (3:32)
  4. I'll Remember Your Love (A van Wyk) (4:20)
  5. Rock 'n Roll Party (M Matthews) (3:07)
  6. That's Love (M Matthews) (3:17)
  7. Hold On (M Matthews) (4:00)
  8. Poser (F Ferguson/A van Wyk) (5:05)
  9. Fallin' in Love (M Matthews) (3:13)
  10. Standing Room Only (instr.) (A van Wyk) (6:08)

Produced by Claude Larson
Sound Engineer: Hennie Hartmann
Recorded and mixed at RPM Studios, Johannesburg except 'Rock 'n Roll Party', which was recorded at Spaced Out Sound Studios Cape Town and mixed at Satbel Studios by Peter Thwaites


  • Mick Matthews: Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Harmony Vocals
  • Attie van Wyk: Keyboards & Harmony Vocals
  • Fergie Ferguson: Bass Guitar, Lead & Harmony Vocals
  • Shane Mahoney: Drums, Percussion and Harmony Vocals

Release information:

September 1977, Polydor Records, Cat. Number 2398 013 (Cassette 3162 103)


All info supplied by John Samson, February 2001.

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