1. Midnight Hour (Pickett, Cropper)
  2. Don't go walking (Pennington)
  3. Loving Feeling (Tony Joe White)
  4. Take me down to Cape Town (A.H. van Wyk, M Gray)
  5. Rock & Roll (All Shook Up) Medley (All Shook Up, Lucille, Johnny B Goode, Rock & Roll Party)
  6. Your Mama Don't Dance (Loggins, Messina)
  7. Man on the Moon (S.B. Mahoney, A.H. van Wyk)
  8. Rock & Roll Medley II (Twisting the Night Away, Let's Twist Again, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Teddy Bear)
  9. Superstar (Mark Gray) was a hit for Stewart Irving, reaching no 6 on the Radio 5 charts
  10. Status Quo Medley (Rocking All Over the World, Whatever You Want, Down Down, The Wanderer)


  • Fergie Ferguson (Bass & Vocals)
  • Stewart Irving (Lead Vocals & Guitar)
  • Ashley Brokenshi (Lead Guitar & Vocals)

Release information:

1989, David Gresham Records, DGR 1141


All info supplied by John Samson, August 2000.

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