McCully Workshop

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  1. Avenue * (T McCully) [4.00]
  2. 1623 * (R Wilson) [2.07]
  3. You (T McCully) [2.54]
  4. I Walked Alone (R Wilson) [3.32]
  5. Carbon Canyon (R Black) [2.47]
  6. Blues In C Minor (T McCully) [5.15]
    recorded live at UCT in August 1975
  7. Step On Easy (T McCully) [2.40]
  8. Guinevere * (T McCully) [3.10]
  9. Goodbye Lonely Blues (T McCully) [2.55]
  10. The Plague (R Wilson) [2.55]
  11. In The Quiet Hours (R Black) [3.14]
  12. Forgot How To Smile (R Wilson) [2.35]
  13. Shingles (R Black) [3.40]
A selection of music reflecting different ages written and produced by McCully Workshop.


  • Mike McCully: Drums, vocals
  • Tully McCully: Vocals, bass, guitar
  • Richard Black: Lead guitar, vocals
  • Richard Wilson: Electric violin, mellotron, electric piano
  • Leon Morten: Organ, synthesizer

Release information:

1975, EMI-Brigadiers, EMCJ(L) 11512

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Great progressive rock sound from this Cape Town band formed by the McCullagh brothers in 1969.

I remember them performing Guinevere in the early days of South African Television sometime in the late 70s (1976, maybe?).

'Ages' is a great pop-rock album. The album reflects styles from different ages and various influences can be heard: Uriah Heep, The Beatles, The Kinks, The Beach Boys, etc. The vocal harmonies are superb. '1623' is a wonderful violin-led instrumental and the blues organ solo in 'Blues in C minor' has just got to be heard to be believed (the vocals should be ignored, though).

McCully Workshop re-recorded some of their classic songs for the digital age in 1998 at Tully's Spaced-Out Sound studios in Cape Town and these can be found on the Buccaneer CD on the Micmac label.

Original album supplied by Neil Daya from Vibes in N1 City, Cape Town.

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