SA's Forgotten Singles (200 plus)

1971 - 1988



Part One: [1971 - 1979]

Title Artist Label Year
Money baby Tidal Wave Storm 1971
Put your hand in the hand Dana Valery Liberty 1971
I know Tommy Dell TalentCor 1971
Rifleman This Side Up IRC 1971
Kentucky hill The Collection IRC 1971
Eeny meeny miny mo April May MVN 1971
The road I walk alone Paul Stevens Trutone 1971
Hide 'n seek The Attraction AAE 1971
Telephone girl Assegai Vertigo 1971
Lonely man Wakeford Hart Storm 1971
Candy The Neighbourhood IRC 1971
Flying squad Sgt Stephen Peplers Squadron Brigadiers 1971
Down down Humphrey IRC 1971
Underdog The Topdogs MVN 1971
City lights Scott Free RPM 1971
In the park The Idiots Nitty Gritty Records 1971
Long long love Granville Pillar IRC 1971
Show me the way Johnny Collini Gallo 1972
Ja ja ek is so bly Claude Larson Sangers Gallo 1972
Oh sweet soul Sam Brown Singers CBS 1972
Water is down Quentin E Klopjeager MVN 1972
I've seen all good people Shades Of Green WRC 1972
The legend of Alcatraz Lilac Rose CBS 1972
Shine a little light The Dominos CBS 1972
Ray of sunshine Canticle MVN 1972
You don't have to be lonely Kevin Hinds CBS 1972
Bright City Sister Stone Jug Epidemic 1972
Rock and roll lullaby Waterloo RPM 1972
Keep it in the family The Dominos RPM 1972
Hello Mr DJ Darryl Jooste AAE 1972
Uit genade Murray Campbell CBS 1972
Motherland, fairest land Ken J Larkin Trutone 1972
Life's a kind of flower Ken J Larkin Trutone 1972
Bonely Bonela Gries Heimer Nitty Gritty Records 1972
All night long The Idiots Nitty Gritty Records 1972
Listen my love Humphrey Zodiac 1973
Judy baby Lincoln MAP 1973
Rock and roll people Bobbie McGee EMI 1973
Oh oh Julie Allan Goldswain Nitty Gritty Records 1973
Silent night Sam Browne Singers CBS 1973
Hit 'em in the head with love Judy Page AZTEC 1973
Look at me Judy Page AZTEC 1973
I was too late The Movers Plum Records 1973
Daddy long legs Proudfoot RPM 1973
Arianne Jaqueline The Greenstones CBS 1973
Don't you just know it Tank IRC 1973
Oh Susanah Warm Sensation Epidemic 1973
The love inside Sam Browne Singers CBS 1973
Hurt Sammy Brown CBS 1973
Oh la Louise Bruce Millar RPM 1973
Untill tomorrow Restless Children Trutone 1973
If you don't know me by now Brian Mulder CBS 1973
Roving soul The Soul Brothers SoulJazzPop 1974
Shamrock McCully Workshop EMI 1974
On the other side of the river The Flamingoes Gallo 1974
My lost comrade Murray Campbell CBS 1974
Heaven is my motorbike Sad Tyre Sollfa 1974
Burning fire Walter Brown Butterfly 1974
Have you seen her The Settlement MVN 1974
Rosen six Take Six CBS 1974
This is sunshine music Mally Sunshine 1974
Rock and roll band Osmosis Warner Bros 1974
Baby take me home Stone Jug Epidemic 1974
Head for the water Stone Jug Epidemic 1974
Rock on baby Tank Gallo 1975
Good old time love song Brian Mulder CBS 1975
Sunshine lady Mally Sunshine 1975
Nickel song Sharon Tandy Atlantic 1975
Shoorah! Shoorah! Little Colin with the Prumes Logo 1975
Tennis is a game of love Jenny "Court" Cantan CBS 1975
Sha na na Lamy Butterfly 1975
Crying over you The Athlone Express Spes Bona 1975
Guinevere McCully Workshop EMI 1975
Give me your love Crocodile Harris EMI 1975
Mama Ginsberg's wedding The Hi-Lites EMI 1975
I love you more and more Soul Experience EMI 1975
Paloma Blanca Waterloo RPM 1975
Summertime blues Alvon Collison EMI 1976
For the first time Sharon Tandy and Billy Forrest Atlantic 1976
Over the borderline Rob Aitkenhead Gallo 1976
We'll meet again someday Lilac Rose Butterfly 1976
Don't go Dickory Epidemic 1976
Love-a-love-a-love Little Colin and the Prumes Logo 1976
Back in your arms Stone and Anvil RPM 1976
Mary Ann Rick Louw Satbel 1976
You're my no 1 Ziggy Adam Satbel 1976
I wanna see you smiling The Five MVN 1976
July, July, July, July Redlum EMI 1976
Move it Copperfield HUB 1976
I'll be forever loving you The Flood RPM 1976
Michael Angelo Andre MVN 1976
Watch tv with me tonight Thyrd Eye Nitty Gritty Records 1976
Baby's leaving Judy Page Jo'Burg 1976
Whole lotta love 909 Gresham Records 1976
Stay with me baby Lesley Gold EMI 1976
Simon Lefty (from Buttercup) EMI 1976
Second time around Cherry Roland EMI 1976
House of strangers Taliep Pieters EMI 1976
Loving a girl like you Eldridge Etto Logo 1977
Ticket to ride The Elastic Head Band Market Cafe 1977
Rock 'n roll - it ain't easy Rooster Jo'Burg 1977
Sweet inspiration Rob Aitkenhead Sunshine 1977
Quite a time Mike Mayer with Freelance Starjam 1977
I wanna be with you Dickory Epidemic 1977
Fantasy Trevor Rabin RPM 1977
La la da la la do Samson Warner Bros 1978
Why did you leave me Neville Ford Explosion 1978
Man to man Koko Butterfly 1978
Your time's comin', cheatin' woman Bobby Denver Reprise 1978
Turn me on Wanda Arletti Cherry 1978
Feeling for love The Jade Brothers Explosion 1978
Jeanine Albatros Explosion 1978
Don't stop it now Koko Butterfly 1978
Love still makes the world go round Gene Rockwell Explosion 1978
2-4-6-8 Motorway Steve Lonsdale Cherry 1978
In my place Emil Dean Zoghby Cherry 1978
I'll be your music Jessica and Paul Bullet 1978
Fallin in love Extraction Logo 1978
Gotta get back Emil D. Zoghby WEA 1979
Dancing heart to heart Al Etto Polydor 1979
What's the verdict Fantasy CBS 1979
Get up The Playboys Jo'Burg 1979
Sad hearts and love breaks Pendulum Selroy 1979
I don't want anybody to know Jade Brothers Band Explosion 1979
Jo bangles Baxtop Asylum Records 1979
Strawberry lane Charles G and John T Selroy 1979
Walls of the world Charles G and John T Selroy 1979
I don't know you anymore John Weddepohl Jo'Burg 1979
The greatest love of all Zayn Adams and Pacific Express Gull 1979

Tertius Louw, November 2002

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